neXT® removes friction in information and document processes and simplifies daily work.

Custom applications, easily adaptable.
Extraordinary user experiences.
Unique process performance.

10x faster


The integrated software environment
neXT® guides the user through united systems, processes, domain knowledge and data for smart, task-centered work and automatically generated documents.


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Stripe launches in five more European countries

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unleash the flow of information

neXT® accelerates technological, business and supporting information and document processes through user-centered, simple and intuitive collaboration with intelligent automation – across departments, locations and operational systems.


  • Use the potential of existing systems and processes and enable digital business models

  • Integration of the neXT® Editor technology with modules and conditions, e.g. for report or document generation


Depending on the use case, you are up to 10 times faster by focusing on task-related activities and intelligent automation.


The standardization & automation of your information and document landscape and automatic processes enable an extremely high level of quality.


The domain knowledge and expertise of specialists are used directly as digital guard rails by everyone involved in the processes.


Legal certainty, compliance and corporate identity: Be sure that legally relevant content in your documents or contracts is provided safely.

Transform information and document processes into extraordinary experiences.​ Learn more about our solutions in various fields of application.

neXT® Application Platform

Task-centered applications for everyone involved

The integrated software environment neXT® brings together all systems for the use and provision of information and documents in an intelligent layer to the user, e.g. O365, DMS / ECM, ERP, PLM, workflow …

The interconnection of data enables the transparent and system independent use of information. The domain knowledge and expertise of specialists accompany the activities as digital guard rails and support everyone involved.

The task-centered interfaces and wizards eliminate friction in process flows through a unified application environment for the use and intelligent connection of involved systems.
Documents are generated from modular components, taking into account the data and dependencies.

neXT® integrates seamlessly with the existing systems and has no unwanted effects on operational processes.
The neXT® applications can be easily adapted by business users and expanded as required by developers.

Compared to the traditional optimization approaches, no time-consuming, costly and consultation-intensive implementation is necessary. As an integrated application environment, neXT® can be configured quickly and flexibly and can be used immediately.

Digital Information Engineering Technology

User and task in harmony: Simple and intuitive work with minimal effort and up-to-date information based on the task and not on the IT systems.


Efficient and safe: Guides the user through the task secured by expert domain knowledge and along the relevant information and the required context.

Convenient and straightforward: Considers the required IT systems, processes, formats and other dependencies in the background.


Simply better: Freed from unnecessary manual steps and automatically generates the necessary documents.

Our goal

Complex tasks are very easy thanks to intelligent technology.

"There is no longer room for detours of information."

Frank Brennecke, Co-Founder

"Customer success drives us and we actively support our customers."

Marco Radzio, Co-Founder

The motivation

Continuously adapt and expand for flexible and sustainable added value.


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neXT® SaaS


per user per month, billed annually

or €59 per user if billed monthly

  • 1 SaaS application
  • all neXT® features
  • API access and integrations
  • developer documentation
  • ServiceDesk and support 8h/5d
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Cloud / on-premises

  • if you would like to know more about our offering for enterprise customers, please contact our sales team
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No. In some of the systems involved, a solution for optimizing partial aspects can be designed and implemented in a complex manner. With neXT®, extensive, comprehensive and future-proof solutions are available within a very short time and can be flexibly adapted and expanded. The existing systems can continue to be operated or integrated without any negative effects on the desired processes.

Yes. The ServiceDesk provides descriptions, help, examples, best practices and other resources. The neXT® applications can be easily adapted by business users and expanded as required by developers. In addition, we support our customers as a contact for customizations, integrations and extensions. If desired, we are also ready to take on all aspects of the solution, from configuration, integration of legacy systems as well as consulting and training to the operation of the application with support for your users.

Yes. Existing templates can be expanded for automatic generation and are used directly. With more complex dependencies across multiple documents, the use of released modules and strict design management, the import of templates and further processing in the neXT® Editor is often much more flexible and powerful.

Due to the quick configuration and the low costs, neXT® does often pay off starting from one user. The solutions scale in scope and number of users without any problems or are made available company-wide right from the start.

Typically, pilot projects can be started within a few days. Within a few weeks, the pilot project is supported and accompanied on our part with a few days of service. At the end of the pilot project, a directly usable solution with significant added value is available and can be operated operationally.

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